Below are some comments from our customers, ChazMaTazz does NOT help in writing the reviews like some other companies do.  These are genuine customer reviews.

-After going to the typical big chain tux locations, I started to become highly disappointed that I would not find what my Fiance and I were looking for. But, we were recommended to Chaz and it has been such a great experience since. Within 5 minutes he knew what we were looking for. He makes you feel at ease, his prices are incredibly reasonable and he is just a great person to work with. If you have any particular look in mind whether its classic, modern, beachy, urban, rustic and so on and so forth, Chaz will make it happen. I would recommend him highly!

-Chaz is great to work with. He has a fantastic eye for detail and I can trust his opinion. He went out of his way to make sure that everyone looked great and that included driving all the way to the warehouse that he orders from for my out of town groomsman that was sized wrong at Men’s warehouse. My groomsmen ordered his tux way to big so Chazz traveled two hours the night before the wedding to make sure he had a nice fitting tux. I couldn’t be happier with the appearance of my groom and groomsmen. I will absolutely go to him again.

-After having a terrible experience at a “catalog” tuxedo shop, we found ChazMaTazz on 8/1/15. As soon as we walked into the store, we knew this was the place! Within 5 minutes of hearing what we were looking for, Chaz had my Fiancè suited up in a stunning Tuxedo. It was super helpful that Chaz has all the inventory on site instead of having to “guess” what the tuxedo would look like on my soon to be groom. Within minutes the Groomsman’s Tuxedos were planned and coordinated perfectly! You could tell that Chaz was sincerely interested in providing amazing customer service and offering up his expertise regarding the most up to date formalwear for men. I would recommend this store, and Chaz over and over again!!

-Was the best shopping experience I’ve ever had in a long time, the suit fitted perfectly and the service was amazing, their customer service skills is extraordinary and I would recommend this place for every one.

-Well Chaz, you made my son look amazing at both proms this year! Fabulous job and excellent service!

-Chaz is by far the best place for formal wear. When my son’s wedding tux was completely butchered by a warehouse clothing store, Chaz came to the rescue to save the day. Big props to Tom for keeping the store open late to fit my son and his best man. The best serve, the best range of style options and the best price. I highly recommend ChazMaTazz! D

-Exactly what we were looking for and needed! Highly recommended.
My husband needed formal-wear for a Cancer benefit Ball in Vienna (Black tie required, white expected). He had been very sick for this past year with cancer and lost a lot of weight so that he only fitted in one of his tuxedo jackets (a tails tuxedo) but none of his pants fitted well. Chaz was our 4th stop of the day trying to find a place that would just sell tuxedo pants (with in our price range) and not a set and I didn’t even want to think about the prices for getting a better fitting shirt.
Chaz not only helped us find with dapper classic pants to match the tails jacket, he got us the appropriate pique white shirt, white vest, and white bow tie for white tie. He sensed we were tight on cash (I being a graduate student and my husband just going through cancer) and offered us the items with that were previously used as rentals to help us save money. While used garments, they looked as good as new and for a very good price. He even threw in a set of white buttons for the white tie.
This really made a difference because I could have only afforded the pants at other places if they sold pants individually and my husband would have not quite a matching shirt to wear. Instead we walked out of there with a complete matching set.
He worked with us to make my husband look sharp as ever and would not let us go to Vienna with out looking our best. In fact, I wished we would have used him for our wedding!
Thank you so very much!

-Chaz made the rental super easy and pleasant. Very professional on advising customer’s options. Flexible on returning schedule. Highly recommend!

-We used Chaz for our wedding day and we could not be happier!! He was professional, prompt and made the experience for the entire wedding party painless. The tuxedos were perfect and Chaz was willing to adjust anything that needed fixing. Awesome and amazing business, we thank you for helping to make our wedding day perfect!

-Thank you Chaz for the awesome fit of my son, Brandon’s tuxedo. He looked so handsome and dapper for his prom.

-Chaz Ma Tazz was very professional and was able to match our colors when it came to the suits and dresses. Chaz himself was simply amazing to work with. Anytime I need a tux/suit Chaz is the man I am going to see.

-ChazMaTazz provided an excellent selection of tuxedos for my groomsmen and me. The store owner, Chaz, provided great customer service and shared wonderful advice and patience as we checked out the outfits. Some of my groomsmen were out-of-towners, but they had no problem fitting into their tuxes on the wedding day. I would highly recommend this store to anyone looking for a tuxedo rental. Thanks Chaz!

*I will only go back to Chaz for the next occasion I need formal wear. He is that good!
*Absolutely an excellent, top notch experience. Chazz is personal and professional. The tuxedos fit perfect for all of the groomsmen who all commented on how great everything fit and how great they looked (thanks to Chazz’s guidance). And he turned around an adjusted size for me the day before the wedding. I never worried for a second that things would not come together for everyone. It was perfect. There is no reason to go anywhere else. BRAVO AND THANK YOU!!!
*Chaz is awesome. He fitted me and my son with wonderful tuxedos and even provided extra shirts as we had a second affair the next night. 
*His knowledge and skill and recommendations were all “spot on” and Chaz made renting a tuxedo fun and pleasurable.
*ChazMaTazz is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. He made our wedding party look phenomenal, and went out of his way to make sure each groomsmen was fitted properly. For example, he drove in a snow storm, at 1:00 AM to drop off 3 additional pairs of shoes, and a pair of pants to ensure that the groomsmen were comfortable and looked their best. Enough said. Go there for tuxes!!
*I have been going to Chazz exclusively for years. He’s the best in the business and even talked me out of buying a tux because it was cheaper to rent. He’s extremely professional and truly understands customer service. My sons just rented tuxes from him and hopefully he will get to outfit their wedding some day.
*I was blown away by Chaz’s exceptional customer service! When he learned that I might be only a $20.00 sale, he treated my fiancee and I as though we were as valuable to him as a large account. We are very impressed! Thank you, Chaz!
*I went to Chazmatazz for my wedding. I had 7 groomsmen in my party and many of them were from out of state. Chaz the owner was amazing he helped me get the correct measurements for all my guys and even provided my groom with two choices the day of the wedding! He even threw in socks! If you are looking for customized care you should really check them out. They are extremely knowledgeable and are amazing to deal with. I would recommend them for any occasion that requires formal wear 🙂
*I recently bought a rather expensive suit from Macy’s. I was unsure where I should take it to get it tailored. I took a chance on Chazmatazz and was very pleased with their work and customer service. I highly recommend their tailoring services.
*Mission accomplished once again. Last night,, I left this store so glad that I did business with Chaz. My husband needed a tux for an upcoming event, and there was no doubt in my mind where to go…ChazMatazz! For nearly 15 years, my husband and sons have been stylishly dressed by Chaz for formal events. With Chaz’s professional guidance, tailoring skills, expertise, and huge inventory, the guys in my family have always looked great. Through proms, weddings and even for school plays when my son needed a tux and a suit of white tie and tails with a red vest, Chaz accommodated our every request thoroughly and quickly at a reasonable cost to us. Furthermore, when required to buy a tux for my “performing” son for college, I was pleased to learn that Chazmatazz was the tux rental site for the school! I also note that Chaz sensitively addresses young men’s concerns  as they nervously experience formal wear and occasions for the first time. I also appreciate that Chaz is such a supportive member of our community. I know he makes prom tux rentals and drop offs easy for the kids and often supplies formalwear for school events. Chazmatazz has remained a high quality business in our community.
*I went there for a few charity events where the owner, Chaz, graciously donated 8+ tuxedos so that gave me a good idea of the place. When it was time for my prom, he gave me an incredible deal. My parents gave me a budget and I knew that Chazmatazz was quality product so I showed him an offer from another place. Not only did he match that offer, he beat it by about 10 dollars and gave me tons of free stuff along with it. This man is a very friendly guy and I couldn’t imagine my experience going any better. I would absolutely recommend Chazmatazz to anyone looking for a tux
*ChazMaTazz is awesome. Everyone is very friendly there and they treat you like family. I went with my boy friend and he got a shawl lapel / wing collar tuxedo for a great price. They were very sincere and helpful, and I felt like I could tell that they wanted each guy that walked into their store to look great for prom. I didn’t even get anything myself (boy friend did), but I felt like i had to write something.
* Best all around service!  I needed a tuxedo… in a portly size. The chain stores were not very helpful. Poor selection and ‘just get you by’ tailoring. I had rented from this store before and was very satisfied. I decided to go back to purchase. The salesman was extremely helpful, he ordered my correct size and then after the suit came in, meticulously fitted the tuxedo to my body.
*I was blown away by their wonderful customer service! Perfect fit!
*Chaz Ma Tazz was very professional and was able to match our colors when it came to the suits and dresses. Chaz himself was simply amazing to work with. Anytime I need a tux/suit Chaz is the man I am going to see.
*Great service with same day pick up. Chaz has been serving the mercer county area for almost 20 years. His knowledge is number 1. Don’t except from any of his copy cats. Go to him if you want the service to be right. And I should know.
*Always a great experience when we come! First class service with first class suits and tuxs! Always the place we come when we have a fancy affair, wedding or any other occasion!