Founded in 1991 by Chaz himself, ChazMaTazz continues full force as a leader in the tuxedo, suit, and tailoring industry in central Jersey. Chaz’s vision started as a young man when he took part in the work program at his high school and soon became the youngest manager to ever work in one of the largest tuxedo chains in the Northeast. In college, he began to dream of opening his own store, a dream that became a reality in 1991 when ChazMaTazz Formalwear was born.

What began as a shop-at-home business has quickly evolved into one of the most trusted tuxedo, suit, and tailor shops in the state of New Jersey. Chaz’s passion has only grown since the inception of ChazMaTazz and feels joy from working with customers to help them find their perfect look.

ChazMaTazz is a proud supporter of local communities and takes pride in giving back with donations.

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Buy It or Borrow It

Look great for your special day or any time you want. You can choose to own or rent this style. Now, you’re ready for any special occasion with your favorite look.

All items must be purchased in advance of your event. Rental merchandise cannot be converted to a purchase. Please verify availability for group orders before you buy. Supplies may be limited.