Preserve your gown and your memories for future generations to enjoy!

At ChazMaTazz, we promise that your gown will receive personal handling with attention given to every detail. Cleaned with only the safest methods, we will preserve your gown in a museum-style storage box with state-of-the-art moisture and oxygen control technology. Your gown will be sealed in an acid-free inner box with humidity control. It’s vacuum-sealed packaging will allow for viewing of your gown and veil while protecting it from mold, mildew, insects, and oxidation.

We’ll properly preserve your heirloom gown so you can achieve your dream of passing it down.

Buy It or Borrow It

Look great for your special day or any time you want. You can choose to own or rent this style. Now, you’re ready for any special occasion with your favorite look.

All items must be purchased in advance of your event. Rental merchandise cannot be converted to a purchase. Please verify availability for group orders before you buy. Supplies may be limited.