This may be the first time your child is wearing formalwear and you may not know where to begin when it comes to finding that perfect prom look…that’s ok because at ChazMaTazz we are here to help you every step of the way. ChazMaTazz has been dressing students for PROM since 1991. 


First step is to have them browse the styles of tuxedos and suits on our website. We carry the latest trends in ultra slim fit, to stretch pants, to traditional classic styles in a variety of colors and patterns. Once they have an idea of style and color have them come into our store and one of the ChazMaTazz professional stylists will guide them through the whole process. If they are bringing a date and want to match or complement date’s attire, have them bring a swatch of fabric if possible and we will help find that perfect color match. We will have them take a look at our extensive in-stock collection of rental styles and colors. We offer purchase tuxedos and suits as well along with a vast selection of accessories, shoes, and socks. 


Once a decision is made a minimum of a $50 deposit is due for rental or half for purchase option. At that time we will take all measurements needed, balance will be due at pick up 2 days before event. They will need to try on entire outfit ASAP to be assured everything fits properly. If any adjustments or alterations need to be made they will be done at our on-site state-of-the-art tailor shop to ensure a proper fit. Rental is due back at the store the day after the prom, anyone can return the rental. Our goal is to make your child smile and feel confident, comfortable and most of all love they way they look in ChazMaTazz Formalwear.


ChazMaTazz offers PROM SPECIALS 


ChazMaTazz offers a Prom Give Back Program to local high schools. ChazMaTazz has been a proud supporter of local schools and communities giving thousands back to the community. At ChazMaTazz we take pride in helping our communities and we can be a part of your high school community by giving back to your school and students. 


  • Money donation back to post-prom or project graduation for each rental from your school
  • FREE rentals for the prom fashion show
  • FREE rentals for the Mr. competition
  • FREE in-school measuring and in-school delivery
  • FREE post-prom rental pickup

If your school or Parent Teacher Association would like more information about our ChazMaTazz Formalwear Prom Give Back Program, please feel free to contact us by calling (609) 452-0921 or email [email protected]com

Buy It or Borrow It

Look great for your special day or any time you want. You can choose to own or rent this style. Now, you’re ready for any special occasion with your favorite look.

All items must be purchased in advance of your event. Rental merchandise cannot be converted to a purchase. Please verify availability for group orders before you buy. Supplies may be limited.