Connor Hughes

I’ve been going to Chaz for the last four years for, basically, all of my tailoring needs. Chaz has been INCREDIBLE to work with. I’ve taken him off-the-rack clothes I thought had no chance of being salvaged and he’s turned every one of them, basically, into a custom line (blazers, suits, shirts, jeans).

My wife and I recently got married. I used that wedding as a *slight* excuse to get my first custom suit. This synched up well because, around that same time, Chaz started selling customs.

I cannot say enough about the entire experience of getting a custom through Chaz. It was A+ — and I know I wasn’t always the easiest customer. I must have come to Chaz for 5-8 fittings to make sure everything was just right. The payoff? I can’t tell you how many compliments I got on the suit at the wedding.


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