Erika Verschelde

LOOK NO FURTHER. ChazzMaTazz is absolutely hands down THE place to go for formal wear. It’s very simple: the service you get will be UNPARALLELED. The owner, Chaz, has the benefit of DECADES in the industry and will absolutely steer you in the right direction. You will look and feel like a million dollars, and he will ensure your experience is absolutely worry-free and seamless [pun intended]. He will have you sorted out in no time, with what you want, fitting perfectly. He squared my stepson and I away for my wedding… upon returning our suits, I had some concerns because my stepson is 6… and I got married in a barn. Needless to say, my stepson went full-on Dennis the Menace, and the tuxedo showed it. Chaz was the epitome of grace and worry-free businessman. I will absolutely never go anywhere else, and I will recommend ChazzMaTazz to all my friends. Thank you, Chaz, for making that aspect of my wedding day absolutely perfect.


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